Gelli Plate Creators!

Gelli Plate Creators!

NEW SWAP-BOT GROUP ADDED, “Cahos’ Chaos”, a mixed media art swap group! Check it out here.

If you own a Gelli plate or something similar, then get ready to create 3 (6×6 size to start with) to swap. They all need to be different in design and color. There are no limits to what you can create. They can be folded in half, if using a deli sheet, so it will fit in a regular envelope. If made with any other paper, you may have to send flat, in a manilla envelope.

This will be a monthly swap, changing themes as we go. Please join our group “Cahos’ Chaos” and let’s create some artful chaos!

You can find Gelli Plates online here. They come in 3 sizes; 6″x6″ ($19.99), 8″x10″ ($29.99), 12″x14″ ($69.99). You can also make them from scratch, do a search on “gelli plate recipe”. Or experiment with plexi glass.

If you need deli sheets, I carry and sell them. 12″x12″ sheets -10/$3.00 or 10″x10-3/4″ – 10/$2.00. They come folded. Send us an email, with your mailing address, to get an estimate on the shipping fees.

You can also find the deli wraps online. Just do a search on deli paper/wraps.

Please check it out, join us and spread the word!



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